Lead The Revolution

You want to create a sacred space where healing and transformation happen every day, in every moment. You have big dreams where your business changes the world and generates healthy revenues, for both you and your teachers. You want to create the best yoga studio for your community, and the world.

Maybe you’ve put in the long hours teaching at other studios and you’re confident you can do better. You’re determined, you’re fired up and ready to do whatever it takes. Twenty years ago, if you were a yoga studio, all you needed to do was open your doors and they would come. That’s not enough anymore. To be truly successful, you’ve got to get real, you’ve got to throw away whatever old model you’ve been using (that isn’t getting you where you want to be) and adopt a new, revolutionary one.


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testimonial “It’s the subtle and spiritual aspects of Chris’s teaching that differentiates Yoga Business Revolution. That’s what I’ve implemented and that’s what’s making the difference. The river of abundance just keeps me flowing, and literally within a day or hours a new client pops up on the radar. Just FREAKIN’ cool!Richard Hudspith, Somatic Movement Educator, Ottawa, Canada

Move Past Your Challenges

You’ve poured enormous energy into your space and accomplished a lot. Now, you’re ready to go to the next level, to generate greater rewards for you and your community. But you’re running into fearsome challenges.

There are two or three or twenty studios competing for your market with more springing up all the time. You’ve got classes that are half empty and teachers that are half there. How are you going to attract the loyal, devoted members you need to manifest your dream? You want that magic message that instantly resonates with the community you know you’re destined to serve. Marketing helps, but it’s not enough.

You’ve got to deliver the experience. Every class has to be stellar and full to overflowing—like your heart was when you started all of this. It can happen—all of it—if you tap into your original inspiration and energy and learn to think like a revolutionary.

An Ecosystem Where Everyone And Everything Is Connected

Imagine what would happen if your studio became a thriving ecosystem of support, motivation and spirit. Imagine all your teachers empowered with the tools and training to build their own classes and grow your yoga community. Imagine you’re solid with your mission and that every teacher is fired up to accomplish it. Now, you’re on your way to having the best yoga studio on the planet.

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testimonial “Chris King’s optimism and positive messages are absolutely INFECTIOUS and entirely powerful. I couldn’t help but get hooked on the concept that yoga CAN change the world. In a small way, I can change the world through my teaching—and with solid strategies and action steps to follow I could clearly see how.Maureen Tonge, Yoga Teacher, Yellowknife Canada

testimonial “I just wanted to write to thank you for the difference you’ve made in my life and my business! I feel like my whole business is shifting and that a new momentum is growing that’s starting to propel my business forward in the way I originally planned when I crafted the mission and vision of my business.” Molly Peebles, Massage Therapist, Seattle Washington