Business Skills For Creating A Fulfilling Yoga Career

We believe that it’s yoga teachers like you who are destined to wake up the planet. So often, the only thing that keeps yoga teachers from having great careers is a little business, branding and marketing know-how. That’s what you’ll gain in Light On Business.

In this introductory course, Chris King begins with a liberating discussion on the relationship of money, business and spiritual practice. Then, you’ll be invited to go inside yourself with a self-inquiry practice, so you can get clear about your strengths and passions. Once you are, you’ll be set to put together your unique brand—an essential for a rewarding career. You’ll also learn some basic marketing and business tools. Before you know it, you’ll be filling your classes and events on your way to a truly rewarding career.

You work hard at your practice and your teaching—with a few essential business skills you can reap the rewards.

Maybe you have a couple of friends who also teach yoga. One of them has students waiting at the door to get into class, squeezing into rows where there’s barely room to lay down their mats. The other teaches to a half-filled room at best. They’re both good teachers. They both put in the training hours. They’re both reliable, play good music . . . So what’s going on? It’s probably that one knows a bit about business, branding and marketing and the other doesn’t. Maybe you can relate?

You’ve given yoga your all but maybe you don’t know how to put your best foot forward with a strong bio or an eye-catching flyer. You know social media’s important, but how take advantage of it but not be a slave to it?

Trying to build a yoga career without some basic business skills is like learning how to scuba dive then realizing you don’t know how to put oxygen in your tank.

What Light On Business Will Help You Do:


testimonial “Yoga Business Revolution helped uncover whom I actually want to serve—my niche. I understand now that I’m already a “yoga unicorn,” I just need to communicate my offerings effectively and deliver value. I’ve learned to focus on the benefits, not just the features. My business and outlook on life have changed dramatically.
Christina Jagusiak, Satya Live Yoga, Mornington Peninsula Australia

Light on Business is an easy to follow, introduction to yoga business, a first step to becoming a yoga professional with big dreams and a big community.


Course Videos:


Introduction—Chris King introduces the course and tells you how you can get the most out of it.

Business in A Good Light—Find out how having a healthy relationship with money and business can be a force for good.

Illumination—Go inside yourself with a self-inquiry practice that will help you discover the passions and strengths that make your yoga unique.

Light On Your Yoga—Start talking about what you and yoga offer the world. Be A Star—Learn what you need to build a great true-to you-brand. Shine Your Light—Get ready to market your brand of yoga in a way that feels authentic and attract your ideal students.

Yoga Business Props—Link to solid information about insurance, bookkeeping, and the legal side of yoga business.

Once you’ve got the business know-how to move forward you can take your yoga career anywhere you want.

If you’re new to teaching, you’ve got a jump on things. If you’ve been teaching for a while, you can stop doing things the old way, get creative and enjoy a fresh start using the new insights and practical tools you’ll acquire from Light On Business.

Your relationships with your students and the studios where you teach will only get better. Your practice will get richer, too, so you’ll teach with more confidence, more authenticity—and more light.

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testimonial “If you only make one investment to help your business, it should be Yoga Business Revolution. It will help you turn your business into gold and your dreams into reality.”
Sarah Fay, Yoga Teacher, Marin County, California

A Revolutionary Online Course With Instant Access 24/7

In short, engaging and easy to follow videos, Chris takes you through the whole course. View the videos in order, making use of the downloadable workbook. Take your time going through the course or flow through the first time and go back to the beginning. The course is always available to you. The workbook offers exercises to help you apply what you learn and links to valuable resources. Log in and learn from anywhere in the world. You’ve probably heard that knowledge is power. What you’ll learn in Light on Business will empower you to create the professional yoga career you trained for.

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When you purchase Light On Business, you receive lifetime access to the Yoga Business Revolution private Facebook group. This is the place to connect with everyone who wants to wake up the world with yoga. It’s the best place to get support, ask questions and collaborate with other yoga professionals.

Monthly Webinars For Q & A With Direct Access To Chris King

As you go through this online course, you’ll probably have questions. In addition to the course, and the Yoga Business Revolution community, you’ll also have access to monthly live webinars with Chris where you can ask him questions directly and get help personally tailored to you and your business.

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Just like you, we’re constantly refining our teaching. When we release new versions of this course, you’ll have the opportunity to receive the new and updated information at a substantial discount.

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Get It – Pay What You Think It’s Worth

testimonial “With a master’s degree in designing online education, I am very skeptical about online courses, as I have pretty high standards. I was pleasantly surprised by how well designed Chris’ classes are! I’m so glad I signed up! Not to mention, a number of additional bonuses and add-on features that exponentially increase the value of the course.
Jennifer Meyskens-Kavanagh, Yoga Teacher, Severn Bridge, Ontario Canada

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We put our heart and soul into everything we offer. We’re confident that this course will help you create a more soul-satisfying professional yoga career. If it doesn’t meet your expectations within 30 days, we’ll refund your payment in full.