An Inspirational Talk
To Wake Up Your Studio

The inner guru we’re talking about knows we’re all in this together and applies yogic philosophy and ethics to yoga business. Waking The Business Guru Within is a paradigm-changing three-part conversation that helps studios by teaching teachers a soul-satisfying way to brand and market their classes and events.

The relationship between studios and teachers is symbiotic. They depend on one another and what’s good for one is good for the other—the way rain is good for both flowers and soil.

Every studio that hosts Waking The Business Guru Within and every teacher that hears this in-studio talk will be fired up to bring more and more people to yoga. Changing the world begins by filling your yoga classes and events to overflowing.

For teachers and studios to be all that they can be, we need to replace the old model of yoga business, which resembles the old model used by all businesses—where the ends justifies the means—with a new, holistic model.That new model, the Yoga Business Revolution model ,is the foundation of this talk.

Waking The Guru Within is invaluable to the yoga studio who understands that their teachers’ success is their success.

testimonial “Chris King’s optimism and positive messages are absolutely INFECTIOUS and entirely powerful. I couldn’t help but get hooked on the concept that yoga CAN change the world. In a small way, I can change the world through my teaching—and with solid strategies and action steps to follow I could clearly see how.Maureen Tonge, Yoga Teacher, Yellowknife Canada

Everyone Benefits From This Talk—Studios, Teachers and Students

The first part of Waking The Guru Within addresses the dilemma many teachers face in reconciling their career and spiritual paths.

Getting Past The Money Hang-Up

Most of us give money too much credit, blaming it or blessing it. Money can’t do a thing without us. It’s our relationship with money that matters. Waking The Business Guru Within offers sound, mindful advice resolving the common concept that spirituality and money don’t mix.

Teachers discover they can do good business and do good.

Getting Clear On Offerings

By asking the right questions of themselves, their students and other teachers, teachers get clear on exactly what they offer and want to offer—an essential for them and a big plus for the studios they work with.

The message to teachers: Get clear about your strengths, passions, purpose and dreams as well as what you want to offer and you’ll be well on your way to a soul-satisfying-financially-rewarding yoga career.

YBR has assembled a toolbox of inquiry methods that can help every yoga teacher craft an authentic, attractive brand.

testimonial “Yoga Business Revolution helped uncover whom I actually want to serve—my niche. I understand now that I’m already a “yoga unicorn,” I just need to communicate my offerings effectively and deliver value. I’ve learned to focus on the benefits, not just the features. My business and outlook on life have changed dramatically.
Christina Jagusiak, Satya Live Yoga, Mornington Peninsula Australia

Getting The Word Out

The last portion of this talk offers marketing tools that have helped hundreds of yoga teachers fill their classes and events. The message: Create a clear and authentic brand, do solid marketing to the right audience and be persistent with it, online and off, and you’ll attract the perfect students and grow a loyal, enthusiastic tribe.

We’re so glad you’re here. Now, let’s awaken the business guru within and put your teachers on a soul-satisfying path that’s rewarding for them and your studio.If you’re interested in hosting this talk at your studio, please fill out our contact form.

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