Small Gifts To Enrich Your Teaching


by Stefanie Marlis

When a teacher shares a tender nugget of wisdom it can set the perfect tone for the class or bring wonderful closure. I especially like it when a teacher shares a quote or a poem by someone I’ve never heard of. It feels like a bonus. In marketing jargon we call this “added value.” I mean I love Rumi, but there are thousands of other wise poets, philosophers and writers whose words could add value to our practices.

I hope you’ll think of this blog as added value. Today, I’m sharing two small poems by the award-winning writer Leza Lowitz. I was lucky enough to meet Leza years ago when she was living in the Bay Area. Today, she owns Sun and Moon Yoga in Tokyo, Japan. Leza’s book “Yoga Poems,” published by Stone Bridge Press, is a real find. Every one of the sixty poems bears the title of a different asana and many take me right to the heart of the pose. Naturally, you can order Leza’s book from Amazon. Here are two of my favorites from “Yoga Poems.”

Virabhadrasana II
Warrior ll

Here there is nothing to fight
except willfulness.
Some lean too far
into the past.
Others stretch way out
into the future.
The true warrior stays in the
burning deeper
into whatever comes,
or sometimes with
even more difficulty,
what doesn’t.

Child’s Pose

Plunging into the river of joy
diving deeper and wider
within this wraparound life
reborn in the body
as a smile
in the breath
as radiant light
reborn in the space
between pose and repose
rocking in infinity—
embracing the union of all that is
and will be.

Yoga Poems: Lines to Unfold By


Dedicated yogi and longtime Bay Area copywriter, Stefanie Marlis is Creative Director at Yoga Business Revolution.