Yoga Niche Side Dish


by Stefanie Marlis

One of our pet obsessions at Yoga Business Revolution is niche marketing. And there’s a reason for that. When you find your niche, you’llattract a select audience you truly resonate with—because they love what you love—and that’s a reward in itself.

“Market to a specific group of people with everything you do—your special events, workshops, online programs, classes and blogs,” advises Chris King,“and you’ll build the perfect community.”As the founder of Yoga Business Revolution, Chris knows what he’s talking about.

There are an infinite number of niches to call yours. Pick one!

  • Yoga for Golfers
  • Yoga for Moms and Daughters
  • Yoga for Teens
  • Yoga for Cyclists
  • Yoga for Couples
  • Yoga for Snowboarders& Skiers
  • Yoga for Weightlifters
  • Yoga for Techies
  • Yoga for Gardeners
  • Yoga for Your Core
  • Yoga For Runners

Narrowing your focus like this takes a leap of faith,but the benefits far outweigh the risks. The teachers who’ve taken us up on this advice have had outstanding success.

When you choose a specific group to share yoga with, you’ve got a built-in PR firm. Start crafting your offerings, tell the right people about what you’re doing and before you know it, your classes and events will fill becauseyour offering suits your niche audience better than anything they’ve ever seen. Deliver on your promise,focus your promotions and let the word spread. In no time, your audience members—teens, techies, cyclists—will be talking to one another (since they all hang out together) about you and your amazing brand of yoga.

So why, if teaching yoga or offering classes to a specific audience gets classes and events on the map so quickly and effectively, do so few teachers and studios jump in and find their niche? The thought of narrowing your focus can be scary and you might worry you didn’t pick the right niche.

But Yoga Business Revolution’s got you covered. Wecame up with a way to let you hedge your bet, so you can start establishing your niche without feeling as if you’re risking your whole career. We call it The Yoga Niche Side Dish. Catchy, huh?Here’s what you do.

Instead of diving into the deep end of niche marketing, pick a niche and offer it along side your general offering—your main course. Then you won’t feel as if you’re excluding anyone—instead you’re just adding a juicy option, and you’ll know very soon if you’ve got a winner.

Of course the secret, as with everything else we do in life, is to go with what you resonate with—choose a niche that feels good to you and run a workshop, offer one class a week or just dip a toe in by writing some blog entries and seeing what kind of response you get. My bet is you’ll be amazed by what happens and you’ll want to focus on your niche more and more.

But, just in case you’re still hesitant, try this side dish—it’s one that will work in any yoga studio for almost every teacher, call it “Beginners Yoga” or “Yoga for Newbies.”Maybe it’s just a workshop not a full-on class. Here’s what you can expect will happen:

  1. People will try yoga who might have been afraid to take a regular class. It doesn’t get any better than that!
  2. If your newbies like their first taste of yoga, guess who they’ll bond with, and guess what studio’s classes they’ll come to in the future? Nice, huh! Think back, didn’t you have a special affection for the first studio and teacher that rocked your world with yoga?
  3. You’ll raise the standards of yoga everywhere. There’s such a need for people to learn the basics FIRST, so they have the best experience possible, avoiding injury and gaining confidence more quickly. Bring on the Revolution with “Yoga for Newbies.”

All right, enough from me. Now it’s your turn.Tell us what you’re going to do with this idea. Let us know if you’re inspired. Are you going to get your feet wet?

Leave a comment below. We’d love to know what niche you pick. Remember, nothing happens unless you take action! If this idea resonates with you, do it—choose your niche and make it yours.

Dedicated yogi and longtime Bay Area copywriter, Stefanie Marlis is Creative Director at Yoga Business Revolution.