Yoga Marketing Mastery

6-Week Online Video Course

A Complete Online Learning Experience To Help YOU:

  • Learn to promote yourself with authenticity and integrity
  • Build a following and attract your tribe of “ideal students”
  • Pack your public classes with loyal devoted students
  • Sell out your workshops, privates and retreats
  • Create your dream yoga career that serves you and your students
  • Escape forever from the grips of worrying about your finances



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The Most Comprehensive Marketing Education Available For Yoga Teachers:


  • A proven, step by step system to guide you toward your dream career
  • Online video course – get instant access from anywhere in the world
  • Lifetime access – review the information anytime you want forever
  • Opportunity to graduate and receive your Yoga Marketing Mastery Diploma to gain credibility and stand out above the rest.
  • Live coaching calls, community forum and group interaction / support




Yoga Marketing Mastery is now closed for enrollment.  We open the course several times a year for new students.  Sign up for free yoga marketing training and interviews with successful yoga entrepreneurs at The Yoga Business Revolution, and you’ll be the first to know when we open the course for enrollment.




Rave Reviews:

Listen to what some of the happy yoga professionals who have gone through this program have to say about it…


With a masters degree in designing online education, I am very skeptical of purchasing online courses as I have pretty high standards. I was pleasantly surprised by how well designed Chris’ classes are! They meet many of the common principles of designing training programs for adult learners by making them easy to navigate, shorter in duration to fit in with our busy schedules, and offering advice that is immediately practical and feasible in our work. This is a great online course for any yoga entrepreneur and I am so glad I signed up! Not to mention, Chris offers a number of additional bonuses and add-on features that exponentially increase the value of the program!”
Jennifer Meyskens - Kavanagh / Yoga Teacher


“I highly recommend Chris King and his Yoga Marketing Mastery Course!  I am a SF Purusha Yoga trained Yoga Professional living in the beautiful coastal town of Bahia de Caraquez Ecuador!  Yoga is very new here.  I am the only Yoga in town and mostly I need to explain What Yoga is about and what I am about.  This was hard for me until I was turned on to Chris’s Yoga Marketing Revolution.  In the first two months of putting into place the finding my Rasa and finding my true value practices I doubled my income.  Then the next three months have been awesome with getting out there with videos and taking value in what I already was doing right.  Giving incredible thanks for all the miracles of the universe.  Now I have doubled my income again and am opening my own Studio and Yoga Shop with the help of Chris’ continued support.  Thank you Universe! Thank you Chris!”
Gina Quincy / Yoga Teacher


“Chris King’s optimism and positive messages are absolutely INFECTIOUS and entirely powerful. When I watched the initial Yoga Business Revolution videos, I couldn’t help but get hooked on the concept that Yoga CAN change the world; in fact I, in some small way, can change the world through my teaching of yoga. But how? Having the steps broken down so clearly, and in particular, being given solid strategies and ”action steps” to follow through with allowed me to more clearly identify my “How?” AND my “Why?”. After committing to taking the “Yoga Marketing Mastery” course, I actually came to the realization that much of what I was intuitively doing was working, but that extra value of having Chris and his repertoire of experts share their vast knowledge and experience truly helped boost my confidence and determination to make my Radiance M-bodied Yoga business a “go”. I loved all the tips, the sharing of experiences, and the support provided by the entire group of YMM participants. Without question, I highly recommend that any yoga teacher looking to build their business using tools that work in a way that’s supportive and supported, strongly consider signing up for Chris King’s Yoga Marketing Mastery Program.”
Maureen Tonge / Yoga Teacher


This program  (Yoga Marketing Mastery) is exactly what our community needs right now. Thank you Chris for emphasizing the value not only of the practice of Yoga, but of those of us who service it. I truly believe this practice will change the world, and now I know I am not alone. We are becoming Yoga Marketing Masters, helping people one niche at a time and being taken care of I return! If you are on the fence -go for it! You will not regret the self development, exploration and discovery that comes with marketing what you love. Chris presents a program that is well rounded and based on integrity -both personally and professionally. He answers questions you didn’t even know you had, follows up on any and all conundrums and is motivatingly enthusiastic to boot. Not gonna lie, this course changed my life!”
Corinne Nechal / Yoga Teacher


“Chris’ videos came on my radar last fall, just when I needed the marketing tools to cut down on my teaching schedule and make passive income in the wake of a major health crisis, while retaining my student base through three weeks out of work due to surgery and recovery. Chris’ enthusiastic, attentive and thoughtful guidance enabled me to maintain my income while reducing the number of classes I taught per week, by growing my student base (sangha). I was able to apply Chris’ teachings to offer videos and other online interaction to keep my students engaged during my recovery. Instead of losing students’ interest in the wake of my extended absence, I came back to teach classes that were filled to capacity with students who were delighted to have me back! I know you too will be grateful for all that Chris has to teach!”
Amy Dara / Yoga Teacher /

“I recently completed the Yoga Business Sutras with Chris and Chuck. I signed up for the course hoping to walk away with some good tips on how to fill my classes and support the success of the studios I teach at. I got what I wanted and so much more. I have taken many business courses over the years and know the basic principles. It was delightful to take a class that was focused on the business of yoga specifically.

Both Chris and Chuck are experienced and passionate yogis and experienced and passionate businessmen. They distilled all the best business practices and then related them to yoga both in principle and in practicality. The principles of yoga were used throughout the course to bring the business ideas to life in a way that made sense to me as a yogi. I wasn’t expecting to get so fired up about taking my yoga business online both as a tool to bring in new students to my real life classes and as a tool in and of itself to generate income. I loved that Chris and Chuck stayed grounded in the yogic principle of service to our communities. Not only did they teach great material but they modeled it every step of the way.

I was not just another student in an online class, to Chuck and Chris I had a name, I was Annette and they genuinely wanted to interact with me. Emails were returned promptly, comments on the forum were encouraged and responded too. They celebrated every step I took and every contribution I made while participating in the course. Best value ever. Yoga teacher training was awesome and totally prepared me to lead an inspiring and safe yoga practice in a studio. Yoga Business Sutras has taught me how to fill that studio with students that will return again and again. I am juiced.””

Annette Mackay / Yoga Teacher


“I just want to say THANK YOU for the great community coaching call today.  I am already looking forward to next week’s call because today’s call was inspiring, encouraging, and very supportive.  I love what you’re doing with this course – giving us tangible structure, tools and processes for building the yoga careers of our dreams, demystifying business and marketing and their applications to yoga as a business, and debunking all the false beliefs about teaching yoga as a career.  We’re only in week 1/module 1 and I’m on video 4 of the module, but I already appreciate this course and today’s call let me know that I’m part of a supportive community that understands and can relate to the experiences, ups, downs, joys and fears of my yoga teaching journey.  Words can’t fully express my thanks to you!  Your enthusiasm is contagious and your knowledge is profound.  You’re certainly accomplishing your mission to help us serve better, be better teachers and live fulfilling lives – THANK YOU!”
Cicilee Chappelle / Yoga Teacher